Lounge / Cocktail armchairs

With us you will find a large selection of Lounge / Cocktail armchairs for your catering business.
Armchairs are considered an oasis of calm and there is hardly any other piece of furniture where you can relax and unwind as effectively.
An armchair always fits and also offers extra privacy and intimacy!
PEACOCK Armchair Made of Natural RATTAN With Cushion 112X65×148H
449,90 EUR
plus 19% tax
1 to 25 (from a total of 113)
Cocktail chairs & club chairs for the catering industry

Classic club armchairs for the hotel bar, simple, low cocktail armchairs for the lounge or comfortable armchairs for the café,
our large selection of seating furniture adapts to the beautiful ambience of your gastronomy. The leather armchairs are presented in attractive colors,
Artificial leather or fabric as cozy and stylish furniture. With the comfortable seat cushions, this seating furniture is very inviting.
With a relaxation factor or an exciting design, the beautiful club and cocktail chairs create a certain amount of privacy.

Cocktail armchairs & club armchairs - the special features

In our range you will find an interesting selection of elegant and comfortable cocktail and club armchairs.
The high-quality materials are also very durable in everyday use. This is ensured by the exclusive processing quality.

Compared to chairs, the armchairs are heavier and require more space, but they offer a high degree of comfort.
They can also be used flexibly and regrouped when preparing your restaurant for an event.
The upholstered furniture can be adapted to your hotel or catering sector.

What to look for when buying

When choosing a cocktail armchair and club armchair, it's all about the look. Modern cocktail chairs offer a lot of possibilities
but the club armchairs are also available in different colors and styles.

For safety in the hotel lounge, many of our club armchairs are available in flame-retardant quality.
The material properties are also important. Stains can occasionally appear, especially in the catering sector.
With vintage leather, careful cleaning is then necessary. It is easier to care for synthetic leather and also for robust fabric.

The comfort of our cocktail chairs & club chairs plays a major role. This is due to the dimensionally stable upholstery of the seating furniture.

Models and variants of cocktail chairs & club chairs

In our product range you can find classic as well as unusual shapes and colors.
A classic leather armchair with a retro look is often kept in shades of brown, but modern models often have a hard-wearing cover made of microfibre or velor.
For interesting color effects there are cocktail chairs in bright green or orange. If you like it more discreet, there are nice club chairs in gray or dark blue.

Among the interesting designs you will find elegant, opulent club armchairs that you can sink into, as well as unusual upholstered furniture with an original shape.
A wing chair in the typical, slightly curved shape, a box-shaped cocktail chair or a smart armchair with a widened backrest: our lounge furniture is very diverse.

Cocktail armchairs & club armchairs made of leather and fabric

The cocktail chairs with dimensionally stable comfort upholstery, which we present to you in many different colors, are among the favorites for gastronomy.
You get this armchair with synthetic leather or fabric cover. Synthetic leather is certainly the easiest material.
It offers good comfort and at first glance looks like real leather.

If you choose real leather, you get comfortable club chairs with a natural look.
Over time, the natural material becomes even softer and more comfortable - and also more beautiful.
The club and cocktail armchairs with fabric covers offer a particularly wide range of design options. The seating furniture attracts a lot of attention with its beautiful patterns.

Maintenance of cocktail chairs & club chairs

Artificial leather armchairs are easy to clean and maintain. In general, you can remove dirt with a damp cloth.
If necessary, you can also use a mild cleaner.

Real leather needs a little more care and shouldn't get too much heat and sun.
In the case of stains, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions so that the leather does not discolor

Modern fabrics are quite easy to clean. With their robust or fine fabric structure, it is often sufficient to gently dab stains.
You can often get the dirt off with clean water.

Cocktail chairs & club chairs - the difference

The club chair has its origins in the 1930s. Its characteristic, sweeping shape is reminiscent of English gentlemen's clubs.
Typically, these are leather armchairs, which can now be seen in many bars. Their stable, continuous shape down to the floor hides the leg construction.

The cocktail armchair is slimmer and lighter in weight than the classic club armchair. It is reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s.
The arm and back rests are usually halfway up. The upper armchair element can often be turned on its foot.

Large selection of cocktail chairs & club chairs at Woodwell

The diverse shapes of our cocktail, club and lounge chairs enable you to furnish your hotel or restaurant individually and charmingly.
Uniform furniture with the armchairs creates a cozy, harmonious atmosphere.
Depending on the layout of your lounge, you can also combine different designs.

When you have found your preferred armchair shape, you can change the color using the product configurator -
With our high-quality armchairs you can create a cozy club atmosphere or add interesting color accents.